Start thinking about your new year storage solutions now. At this time of year, many of us plan to make changes to our lives, habits and surroundings, all for the better. While many New Year’s resolutions are often tied to cutting habits such as smoking, many people look to make changes to their homes or belongings, which we can certainly help to make easier!

As experts in domestic storage, we take a look at some of the scenarios in which you need self-storage services this New Year. From clearouts to a new house move, we have everything you need to ensure a stress-free start to 2022.

How to Best Store Your Christmas Decorations

When the festivities have come to an end and it’s time to take down your tree and decorations, it can be stressful to find a place within your home to store these items until the following year. If you are struggling to find any extra space, then using a self-storage service is ideal for you.

As Christmas decorations only come out once a year, it is unnecessary to use valuable space in your home to store them. With a self-storage unit, you can pack away your Christmas decorations in the New Year without having to worry about them for another year.

We also recognise that many Christmas decorations can be very fragile or sentimental, meaning that they must be stored safely to ensure they are not broken. Using self-storage allows them to be saved in a safe place, away from any risk of possible damage such as dampness or smashing. You can simply collect your Christmas decorations when you’re ready, knowing they’ll be exactly how you left them.

Moving House in the New Year

For many people, the New Year is a perfect time to move into a new home and start the year afresh. With time off over the Christmas holidays and a few extra days into the New Year, this period offers enough time off work to coordinate a house move without having to sacrifice too many annual leave holidays. Moving or selling your home at this time of year is also beneficial as fewer houses are on the market, which will help your house stand out and increase your chances of selling.

Not all house moves are that simple, especially at this time of year, since the property chain can be slower. This means that you are likely to need a place to store furniture and belongings until your new property becomes available. Luckily, we have storage units large enough to accommodate all of your furniture and other items, meaning there’s a safe, secure, and spacious place to keep all of your treasured belongings for a great affordable price.

A New Year’s Clear-Out

Clear home, clear mind! New Year is one of the most popular times to clear out your home as it allows for a fresh start and a positive mindset in entering the year. Decluttering the house is a wonderful way to start the New Year; by creating a space that allows you to relax, think and operate much more clearly, remaining organised and sticking to the rest of your resolutions will be considerably less stressful.

If you are aiming for a less cluttered home, but you don’t want to throw away your precious belongings for good, then self-storage is an excellent option. Our fantastic range of affordable self-storage units allows you to keep hold of your belongings whilst increasing the amount of storage space in your home. Our units are available in a selection of sizes, meaning you can be sure to find a unit that suits your needs without paying for more space than you require.

Starting a Business

As the new year approaches, a typical new year’s resolution is to try something new. If your something new is starting up a business, then our business storage is perfect for you. Setting up a business can act as a fresh start for the New Year and allow you to take risks you were previously hesitant to take. It is a perfect time to try something different, and with our help, we can relieve some of the stress that comes with this process.

A storage unit provides a safe and secure space in which you can store important business documents. As a start-up business, you can even run the operation from a storage unit until you find a permanent office space. Our units are also an ideal place for keeping any extra office furniture and supplies. With our 24-hour security system, you can guarantee that your business supplies will be safe with us.

New Year Storage Solutions at Smart Storage

At Smart Storage, our services cover self-storage in Preston, Liverpool, and many other locations. If you’re thinking of making a change in 2022, whether that be a simple clear out or making the big move, our storage units are the ideal solution. Available in various sizes, we will ensure that you choose the best storage unit for your needs.

To find out more about us and our services offered, contact us today. One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist with your query or offer help on which storage unit is suitable for you this New Year.