Storage units are incredibly useful for a host of different people, particularly businesses that need a safe and secure place to hold inventory. When it comes to storing things in a unit, a little bit of organisation goes a long way, and wooden pallets are a fantastic and resourceful way to help keep your items in order and safe.

As you’d expect, when you rent out a storage unit like our commercial storage in Widnes, the unit will be empty. Using wooden pallets is a cost-effective way of keeping different products separated, organised and off the ground if you’re using that unit to keep your business’s stock organised.

Using Pallets for Elevation

Using pallets instead of placing your items directly onto the floor of your storage unit can help keep them safe from water damage, either from spillages within the unit or from bigger issues like an unexpected flood.

Of course, if you’re using a reputable self storage provider like Smart Storage, you can rest assured that your unit will be clean and dry, and the facility is well maintained to safeguard against unexpected problems. However, it never hurts to be prepared for the worst, and even the small amount of elevation provided by placing things on a pallet can protect them from accidents and unforeseen issues.

Temperature Control

The temperature of your storage unit can affect the goods you keep inside. A good quality self storage provider like our commercial storage in Preston will make sure the ambient temperature of the facility stays at a reasonable level, but there are some instances in which it’s a little trickier to control the temperature of a storage unit.

Self-service drive up units are a fantastic solution for customers who want 24-hour access to their storage unit and the ability to unload their goods straight into the unit from a car or van. Exterior units tend to be more exposed to the elements because they are outside. They will likely be humid in the summer and very cold in the winter.

If you’re storing items that are sensitive to their surrounding environment, putting them on pallets instead of the floor will help mitigate some of the risks associated with temperature variances, like moisture. Clothing, books, antiques, fabrics and anything stored in a cardboard box will benefit from being stored on a pallet rather than directly on the floor. Doing this will encourage good airflow in the unit and keep mould and mildew at bay.

Easy Transportation of Heavy Goods

Of course, if you need to move your goods around, pallets are specifically designed to make the transportation of bulky loads easier. With a pallet truck or forklift, you can move goods stacked on a pallet between your storage unit and your vehicle quickly and safely. Some of our facilities, like our commercial storage in Liverpool, have pallet trucks, forklifts and trolleys available to make moving heavy goods around a breeze.

Where to Find Pallets

The thing that makes pallets ideal is that they can often be sourced second-hand for free or very cheap. You may be able to find people who are giving them away through local freecycling schemes, and local retailers, particularly wholesalers and suppliers, who often receive deliveries, may have a supply of them they are happy to part with. Your own business may even receive goods on pallets that you can then move to your self storage unit.

Wherever your source, particularly if you’re using wooden pallets, be conscious of where they’ve come from. If you know they’re likely to have been used to transport fresh produce and could be contaminated with food particles or have drawn in moisture from frozen packaging, place a simple layer of cardboard, dust sheet or piece of plastic over the pallet before you stack things onto it to avoid any cross-contamination.

We would also suggest wiping your pallets down to remove any dirt before using them in your storage unit and checking them to make sure there are no splinters or nails sticking out that could snag on your items or cause injury as you move around your unit.

How to Correctly Store Goods on Pallets

Get the most out of your pallets in your self-storage unit by knowing how to store goods on them correctly. Always remember to:

The humble pallet is incredibly useful for keeping a self storage unit organised in a safe and efficient way. If you’re thinking of using pallets in your Smart Storage unit or looking for a unit to put your pallets in, you can use our space calculator to work out how many pallets you’ll be able to fit in a unit. When you’re ready to book, you can do it from the comfort of your own home by going to get a quote and choosing your local self storage in the North West.