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Why is Smart Storage Open?

Throughout the pandemic our objective has been to keep our storage centres open for essential access, so that our business customers can continue to operate, whilst always ensuring the safety of our customers and staff.

Many customers rely upon our storage facilities as part of their operational process. This is particularly the case with smaller companies using our premises for online retail – an area of business that the Government has said should continue to operate.

In addition, we have a number of Government departments including the NHS amongst our customer base as well as charities, all performing key roles currently.

However, as guidance has indicated we have changed our operating systems and processes to ensure that we meet the current regulations advised by the Government to limit the spread of Coronavirus. We continue to closely monitor information from the UK Government and our public health officials, and to follow all guidelines to ensure we are doing everything we can to continue to provide a clean and safe environment for all of our valued customers and employees.

We are also taking advice on our operations during these times from our trade association, the Self-Storage Association, of which we are a member.

Can I still book a free Enterprise hire van during the Coronavirus outbreak with you?

Yes, you can still request a van and if our partners, Enterprise has a van available then you can book a free van. Contact your store team.

What is the impact of the Coronavirus on Smart Storage?

The health and safety of our customers and staff is our principal priority and we are closely following guidelines and direction laid down by the UK Government and health officials.

We have therefore made a number of changes to our operational procedures as guidelines require, currently these include:

It should be noted that our storage centres are not crowded places and have low intensity use. We continue to closely monitor information from the UK Government and our public health officials, and to follow all guidelines to ensure we are doing everything we can to continue to provide a clean and safe environment for all of our valued customers and employees.

Anyone with coronavirus symptoms should not visit our stores. For more guidance please visit

During the Coronavirus outbreak will you deliver packing materials and boxes?

No, materials will not be delivered during this outbreak. You can order over the ‘phone and whilst you go through the online Check-In process.  Our team will make arrangements to leave your order in your storage unit or in a designated ‘safe place’ that you will be advised of when you place your order.

I have a reservation – can I still move in during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, we are open as per usual opening hours, which are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm Saturday and 10am – 2pm Sunday.

Our receptions are open and manned but we ask you to limit the number of people from your household in reception at any one time.  Our staff will be wearing masks and we ask that you wear a mask too whilst in store.

And, if you prefer you can check in and complete all the paperwork online.  Save time and do it online. You can order boxes and packaging materials too.

If you are not able to move into storage on your move-in date, please contact your local store who will be able to help you reschedule your reservation.

Please visit our individual store pages to check any changes to the opening hours at your local store.

I was due to move out of my unit, can I do this during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Yes. We are open 7 days, Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-2pm. Access to our storage centres is automated and existing customers can continue to access their storage rooms using their PIN codes during their normal hours.

Please leave your room clean and empty, remove the padlock and leave your unit door open. Email or telephone the storage team to confirm you have vacated and on what date.

Please remember that you must give 14 days’ notice for a move out.

I’m not on direct debit, how can I pay for my storage whilst the outbreak continues?

Payments can still be made by Credit / Debit Card over the phone and, if requested, these card details can be set up for recurring payments every 4 weeks/monthly.

Can I pay by cash or cheque?

No, we have suspended all cash and cheque payments until further notice due to banking restrictions currently in place. Payments can still be made by Credit / Debit Card over the phone.

It may be easier for you to set up a direct debit or standing instruction to pay by debit or credit card, please call the store and ask a member of staff for a mandate.

Are you still accepting deliveries?

Yes, we are. However, deliveries will not be signed for and this may mean some carriers refuse to deliver. Please advise your carriers of this change.

Delivery drivers will be directed by poster to a designated safe place and you will be notified that your delivery has arrived in store.

Please note that if a delivery on pallets arrives on a lorry that does not have a tail lift, there is no forklift service running at the moment without prior appointment. Please can all customers encourage pallet deliveries to be made on a tail lift lorry.

Is my insurance still valid during this period?

Yes. If a store is required to close, your insurance will remain valid as long as your account payments are up to date.

Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate level of cover for your items. Smart Storage cannot be held responsible for losses arising from insufficient cover.

Have the opening hours changed during the Coronavirus outbreak?

We are open 7 days and are operating as per our usual opening hours. These are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm Saturday and 10am – 2pm Sunday. New customers should enquire in the same way as normal, via our website, over the phone or via Live Chat, see our individual store pages for details.  And, you can enquire, reserve, check-in and pay online now.

Access to our storage centres is automated and existing customers will still be able to access their storage rooms using their PIN codes during their normal hours. Customers with Extended Hours Access can continue to use this service.

Please visit the individual store page on the website to check any changes to the opening hours at your local site. Customers at our storage centres where opening hours are changing will be emailed directly.

Can you accept deliveries of items for me?

Yes, by prior arrangement. However, Smart Storage accepts no responsibility for these goods.

What sizes are available?

We have a wide range of sizes, from a 10 sq ft storage locker to rooms of over 1,000 sq ft. Room heights are generally around 8 to 10 ft.

Do I have to book and give notice?

There is no need to book, you can move in immediately. You can reserve space online which will be held for 72 hours. You can reserve a specific unit with a deposit of £10 and this holds your unit for four weeks. The £10 deposit is fully refundable.  You do not have to make a long term rental commitment; we require only 14 days notice to terminate your agreement. NB: large/industrial units may require additional notice but this will be identified within your contract. Rental payments will only commence when you move into the unit and your £10 deposit will deducted from your first rental charge. 

What can I store?

Pretty much anything. There is a list of prohibited items within our Terms & Conditions page. They include firearms, combustibles, chemicals, compressed gas, illegal substances or illegally obtained items – and living creatures! NB Police and Customs have powers to enter your room, subject to serving notice on us.

How much storage space do I need?

Click on our space calculator for a quick estimate of your requirements. Contact us if you need further guidance.

What about other charges?

There are no additional rental charges; however, your goods must be fully insured.

How much does it cost?

Rates are from £5 a week according to the amount of space you need. We also have pre-pay and other discount schemes. For an accurate quote please contact us.

What do I need to bring in when I book in?

It is essential that you bring proof of address and photo ID with you or we may not be able to book you in. Examples of acceptable documents include photographic driver’s licence, passport, company ID card (photo) and utility/insurance bill (dated within the last six months), Council Tax bill, paper driving licence (proof of address). You will also need a padlock but if you don’t have one you can purchase one in-store, along with other packing materials.

Do I have to pay a security deposit?

Like many other storage companies we do charge a security deposit. This is equivalent of 2 weeks rent as standard for domestic storage units. Larger deposits are taken for offices, commercial units and bespoke requirements.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit/debit cards. We do not accept cash for rent. You must pay for a minimum of 4 weeks rent as you move in. All our stores operate on 28 day billing cycle. If you choose one of our pre-paid introductory deals you will need to pay in accordance with the terms of that specific promotion.

Are my goods insured?

Not automatically. You must confirm you have insurance cover for your goods. Most household contents policies do not cover goods in storage. We can arrange cover for you through our own comprehensive, new for old policy when you move in. Unfortunately due to the level of cover they provide, we are unable to accept “goods in store” policies from internet only providers. Please contact us for further details.

Do I have to move my goods myself?

Yes; however, we have several removal companies we can recommend to help you move in. We have trolleys and goods lifts which will help if you have a lot to move.

Are the storage units clean and dry?

All of our units are maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness. Items which are likely to cause any mess are prohibited from being in storage.

When is reception open?

Typically Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm, Saturday – 9am to 5pm, Sunday – 10am to 2pm but varies by store so please check the individual store opening hours on stores web page.

When can I access my storage unit?

Normal access hours are Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm, Saturday – 9am to 5pm, Sunday – 10am to 2pm. This varies though by store so check each individual store page for the most up to date access times. 24hour access can be given if needed but a fee applies for this.

What other security features do you have?

We have CCTV cameras covering the building perimeter and the main corridors. The cameras record 24 hours a day, on to a digital system. The building is protected by a state of the art intruder alarm system.

Are the storage units alarmed?

Most of our storage units are individually alarmed and monitored by CSL Dualcom. This means in the unlikely event somebody attempts to enter your unit, our monitoring station will be contacted immediately and will investigate the matter straight away.


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We offer a range of services for all your storage needs

domestic personal storage in a range of sizes business storage and office space for business student temporary, affordable storage


Safely transport your valuables into self storage!

Here at Smart Storage, we have a range of facilities available to make your transition into self-storage even easier. We have a specialist range of boxes and moving items, so everything can be wrapped and safely transported from home to unit. Your personal possessions are secured by your own lock and unique access code, giving you extra peace of mind.

Other facilities include:
  • Dry, clean, and secure units
  • Unit sizes from 10 sq ft to over 1,000 sq ft
  • Moving equipment
  • Flexible renting periods
  • Competitive pricing
  • Archive storage
  • First class customer service

Archive Storage

Protect your belongings with durable packaging

Our Archive Boxes are perfect for storing documents and files that might be cluttering up your office. Durable, assembled in seconds and with lids and cutaways in the sides to make lifting them easier. These boxes are great for stacking in your office, your home or self storage room. And better still, they are made from recycled materials so you are doing your bit for the environment by purchasing them!.

We also stock more specialised boxes for moving items, including plasma TVs, CD/DVDs, mirrors as well as wardrobe boxes to ensure your clothes are kept safe, clean, and crease-free.

Other items on our list include:
  • Bubble wrap (in a range of different lengths and widths)
  • Shrink wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Dust sheets
  • Furniture covers
  • Packaging available at all stores.

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